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Mike - this  would  be a  good  complete  system  for  you Mike  and  good 
it  has   tapes.
that  may have the  little  cartridge drive in it  too  but  beware the 
cartridge  drives   they seem  to all  have  gummy capstans...  I  ruined  a  
fos   tape  put it in... got  error... pulled it  out  and  looked  like  it 
was slimed with the 'black oil'  like in x  files!  there is a work around  
for this  though  using  some  glue and  rings  on the capstan roller after  
 you  scrape the   goo  off.    having the  large tape  drive is better  
anyway. like this  unit   has.
Our  aim here at  SMECC  is  to get   data  off our  old  tapes fro the  
company days and also our   bulletin board system we  wrote   that had  100 
separate  boards, email, voting and poll system multi user  chat  we   let  
other  3000 system managers in the  80s  use...  it  was  really  something in 
 the  pre-internet   days.
Mike - there  should also  be a  full  file of   all the hp-3000 stuff that 
Marlys Nelson  developed 
I always  thought it  would  be  fun to finally   get a series  68 or  70 
but... yikes the  power bill   would  hit  you and the cooling....Yikes!    
for  the  same  reason we  want a series  II or  III   or  CX  for the 
museums  display but to keep it  under   power 24/7  with a string of  drives  
costs $$$  and  especially  when  you consider the air conditioning !
I  have a 37  cpu and a 50 meg  drive  but   of  course  need recon fig it  
which means   cold   load  tape   as the other drives in the string are 
missing   I can not it  past the point of disavowing the  other  drives  that  
do not exist.    Fun time here with the manuals   etc...   I have not had my 
hands on  A WORKING 3000 for over  22  years  I think. A lot comes back  
but  there are   some  head scratching still going on!
OK  have the cart  tape  drive  with goo capstan   and  have reel to reel  
tape  drive  that  when at  initial power-up it  just spins the  reels. 
What  do  we need? 
  spare  cpu
more little  disk  drives  50 meg  will not    hold  the  store  set  from 
Known  good  reel to reel   hpib tape drives  1600  bpi ok as that is  what 
 our  store  set is  in  and  any of the other reel to reel  tape  
distributions  contributions  and found stuff was.
I will keep an  eyen out  for  east  coast   stuff   for you and appreciate 
if  you keep an eye out on  west  coast stuff  for us!
pretty  fun  with  drop box  we  can share  programs without  having to 
ship tapes to each other!
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I have a complete micro/37 that I'd be willing to part  with. It
was last booted about 2 years ago when another list member  was
trying to his a system running.

Is is mounted in one of the  short / narrow HP racks with 3x670H
HPIB drives. I think the total disk  size is about 1 Gb. That
seems like a ton for a system that small.

I  also have a HPIB 7980 front loading tape drive, that I would
include in the  deal. AND... I have the original 9-track system
tapes (FOS), some spare NOS  tapes (let me know how many you'd like),
the original MPE documents on CD,  and I could probably dig up
some MPE paper documentation as well.

I  am in western NC but could be coaxed into meeting you somewhere closer  
(possibly southern Virginia).

I'll take an offer but, be warned,  I'm not giving it away.

Steve  Robertson
steerex at ccvn.com

On 8/14/2015 10:01 PM, Mike Loewen  wrote:
>     I worked on HP 3000 systems in the  late '80s, and would like to find
> one for my collection.  A  series 42 would be nice, but a series 37 or
> micro XE would do.   Any leads?  I'm already aware of the one on Epay in
> Florida  that's been sitting at $1,725 for the past year.
>   I'm in central PA.
> Mike Loewen    mloewen at cpumagic.scol.pa.us
> Old Technology         http://q7.neurotica.com/Oldtech/

Steve  Robertson
steerex at ccvn.com

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