Free for Shipping

Robert Feldman r_a_feldman at
Sat Aug 15 14:10:15 CDT 2015

I have the following items that I want to get rid of. All are quantity one, except the Poqets. They are free for shipping cost from Chicago (ZIP 60659). I prefer to ship in the US, but will consider shipping internationally. Contact me directly at r_a_feldman at if you are interested in any of the items.


Irwin Accutrak A250EP-05 external parallel port tape drive

HP Travan T1000e external parallel port tape drive

Microsolutions Backpack 800TD Model 143010 external parallel
port tape drive

Archive 11250Q internal tape drive

Mitsumi CD-ROM Drive 16-bit PC interface cardDauphin keyboard

Compaq keyboard 2680KB (from a large 386 semi-portable)

Zenith Number pad ZA-3034-NP

Compaq LTE Lite 25 laptop w/power brick. Backlight bad, SRAM
battery bad. Never had a hard drive.

Toshiba external 3.5” floppy ZA1115

Dual internal PCMCIA card reader w/EISA PC adapter card (for
Win95 and earlier)

2 broken Poqet PQ-161 portables. One has a US-made
motherboard and might be a “prototype”. Has NASA sticker on it. Both have
broken screens, dinged cases and a few missing keys. One shows some reaction
when turned on.


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