SCSI Tape to TAP utility

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Fri Aug 14 21:28:14 CDT 2015

On 08/14/2015 06:08 PM, Al Kossow wrote:

> yea.. There is a page on it on Wikipedia. Visual C++ came out after
> MS C 7.0 which was Windows 3.1 time frame.
> Just staring at all this because I'm scanning a redundant win 3.1
> /c++ 7.0 dev kit doc set we have right now.
> If someone has a spare win 3.1 driver dev kit doc set, I'd like to
> do that as well, but we only have one of them and I'm not going to do
> it a page at a time.

I've got the Windows 3.1 DDK in big box/piles of floppies version.  But 
isn't the documentation (and the rest) part of the MSDN collection? 
Seems to me that it is.   Do you want me to check my old MSDN CDs?


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