Slightly OT: XT-IDE

Ali Fahimi M.D. afahimi at
Fri Aug 14 15:43:59 CDT 2015

Hello All,

I've been trying to help a friend of mine get his XT-IDE (DP ver 2 board) up
and running to boot a HDD in an IBM 8525. It is a bit difficult since he is
across the country but we have made progress. However, we still cannot get
the system to boot.

The card is recognized by the system, the boot menu comes up. At first we
could not get it to find a HDD. However, after a bunch of trial error we
were able to get the drive to be recognized. We booted w/ a DOS 6.22 disk,
ran fdisk /mbr, and everything seems to have completed but after reboot the
HDD will not format. Checking with fdisk shown no partition info at all.

The XT-IDE is the only card in the system, booting from floppies is fine
with no issues. We also have gotten a 1h error at times. Finally, to rule
out the HDD as an issue we tried to boot using the serial connection. The
card is seen by the server but when we attempt to boot again we get a 1h

Config info as follows:

ide_xt.bin: v2.0.0B3 (2013-03-02)
Full Operating Mode: No
IDE Controllers: 1
Power Management: Disabled

Device Type: XTIDE r1
Base Address: 300h
Control Block: 308h

Master & Slave Settings:
Block Mode Transfers: Yes
CHS Translation: Auto
Internal Write Cache: Disabled
User Specified CHS/LBA: No

Boot Settings:
Display Mode: Default
Number of Floppy Dr.: Auto
Scan for Serial Drives: No
Default Boot Drive: 80h

The BIOS chip is an amtel

EEPROM type: 2864
SDP: Enable
Page Size: 1 byte
EEPROM Address: D000h
Generate Checksum byte: Yes

At this point I am stumped. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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