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supervinx supervinx at libero.it
Thu Aug 13 01:28:16 CDT 2015

He told me there's no Linux support. I should try Keirf's utils or access the hardware with a serial connection.
May be I could try the Supercard in a VM.

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A bit OT.
I tried the fdadap card successfully reading and writing SD and DD disks, together with a standard ISA controller.
Had to try a bit, since not every disk controller manages SD writes. 
So the FDADAP should be ok, and the problems lie on the Supercard side.
I contacted the Supercard guy, in order to know if there's a Linux support. I've no windows machines, only some specialized DOS one.

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At 07:27 PM 8/11/2015, Josh Dersch wrote:
>Thus far I've been successful in creating images of floppies, but less successful in writing them back out.  Thus far I've tried a pair of Shugart 851s and a Qume QumeTrack 842.  I'm using a DBit FDADAP (http://www.dbit.com/fdadap.html) to deal with cabling and the TG43 signals. 

I'd tried the SuperCard Pro / FDADAP combo last March with no success.
I hope to return to the task.  Maybe it was a problem with my drive(s).

- John

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