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Tue Aug 11 22:42:56 CDT 2015

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>> From: Brent Hilpert <hilpert at>
>> There was also AlgolW, supported on MTS.
>> As MTS was being mentioned earlier I was going to ask if anyone knew
>> whether the AlgolW compiler was included in the available
>> distribution.
> ​The sources are available - they were googlable - send me a note
> off list and I can put together a tar image of what I have.  FYI:  It
> was written PL/360.  I did some hacking on it under TSS years ago.​
> IIRC  Wirth did AlgolW on the 360 at Stanford which was running one
> of the OS/360 flavors.   CMU ported to TSS and Michigan to MTS.
> also check out:
> The Programming Languages Genealogy Project
> ect
> ​Clem​

One minor correction: it was Newcastle that ported AlgolW to MTS, not 

I have a TAR file with the MTS source for AlgolW and notes about how to 
install it in MTS.  The manual for AlgolW in MTS is available at 

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