Dennis Boone drb at
Mon Aug 10 15:35:42 CDT 2015

The UMich guys have made available images of tapes from many MTS
releases.  Not all releases are complete.  They've also provided a built
system of D6.0 (1986? -87?) with all the further changes it was running
just before shutdown in the 90s.  (No tape images for this version yet.)

You may want to look at:

ASMH is a licensed program product, so they can't make it available.
MTS used a fairly heavily modified version of it.  A lot of other
languages are included, though.  There's a list on the above web site
somewhere of the license status of many things.

Source is included in the tapes.  If the SHOW bits to which you refer
were shared amongst the consortium, and predate the release of D6.0,
they're quite likely in there somewhere.  IIRC the copy of the MTS
manuals on bitsavers were actually freshly generated in the last few
years, so the thing might be referenced there.


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