SCSI Tape to TAP utility

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> On 08/09/2015 11:27 AM, Dave G4UGM wrote:
> > If you had a tape master file then typically that had the same dataset
> > name on the master in and out....
> But obviously, not the same VSN...
> There's (potentially) a lot of information in a set of labels, particularly if any of
> the user labels are used.
> See, for example, this CERN document:
> ds/documentation/tapedrive/labels.html
> --Chuck

On the Honeywell we had a Tape Management System that managed the tapes.  All the tapes were filed by tape number, and the system knew which file was on which tape. It would tell the operators which tape number to mount. It would also manage the scratch pool of expired tapes and tell them which tapes to have ready for new outputs. It also managed off site storage. We trusted it and never removed a write ring. If you mounted a tape with current data the system read the label and dis-mounted the tape....

Dave Wade

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