Classic programming

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>>> I used to like Algol68, and got to play with an implementation called Algol68C
>> on a DECSYSTEM-20 in the late 70s. Occasionally I ask if anyone has got the
>> media for it, I still live in hope. I think there are some other implementations
>> around, I should make the effort to try one some time.
>> There was a quite good Algol 68 for the CDC 6000 series. 
> Maybe I should get one of those then.... :-)
>> There are also
>> oddities like an Algol 68 interpreter (not compiler) written in Algol 60.
>> And there is an open source Algol 68 around today — algol68g.
> I think that is the one I was thinking of. I should give it a go.

There was also AlgolW, supported on MTS.

As MTS was being mentioned earlier I was going to ask if anyone knew whether the AlgolW compiler was included in the available distribution.

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