VAX4000/300 MNS7.3 isntallation from CDROM

Holm Tiffe holm at
Sat Aug 8 15:29:29 CDT 2015

Antonio Carlini wrote:

> On 08/08/15 12:50, Holm Tiffe wrote:
> > No the thing is that I know almost nothing about VMS (and RSX11), I'm 
> >a unix guy as you know. P
> >Have you an VMS mount command handy that I should try? Regards, Holm 
> It sounds like you have VMS installed on one disk and at least one other 
> disk doesn't seem to be working.
> I suspect that it will be much easier to diagnose further issues from 
> VMS rather than from the limited stand-alone environment
> or the limited console environment.
> So boot VMS (which should just be BOOT whatever-the-disk-id-is) and then 
> use SHOW DEVICE to look at the state of the disks.
> One of the ones you could not restore to was (iirc) DIA0. Hopefully it 
> will show up with that name or possibly something$DIA0.

Yes, I've done that already.
It seems that the disk has some problems, or better the two RF31 disks.
If I try to install VMS on the disks there is some ratteling and data where
copied to them, after a while I get those infamous "volume is not software
enabled" errors.
There are no problems detected from the dssi internal support programms or
their logs...

I've erased the disk dia0 again with the dssi tools since that overwrites
every sector o nthe disk (for data security reasons) and I get no error.
Now hours later I've tried to install again. (backup/image/verify
dua3:vms073.b/save disk0$dia0:) The backup starts to shuffle data and then
bails out with that:

%PAA0, Port has Closed Virtual Circuit - REMOTE SIDE DISK0

%BACKUP-E-WRITEBLOCK, error writing block 237 of
NV, volume is not software enabled
..followed with all next blocks.

I have a real 
VT420 connected an must copy all the things per hand...

I think that there is  some hardware error on the disk but not related to
the disk surface, more some positioning error or something like this.
Maybe changing some electrolytics will help here?
I've checked the disk with the exercider and dsktest more then one time,
there is NO error at all.


I'll check waht you've suggested tomorrow.. had two scotches an two beers
in the meantime..



> You want to do something like:
> $ INIT DIA0: label
> If that completes without error then
> $ MOUNT/SYSTEM DIA0: label
> If that works without error then your disk is ready.
> I assume that in your case the INIT will fail, in which case the SHOW 
> DEVICE DIA0:/FULL will probably be helpful in determining the next step.
> Antonio

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