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Sat Aug 8 07:12:25 CDT 2015

Hi Brian,
I have often wondered what the inspiration for the C Language was.  BCPL ->
MCPL -> B -> c, quite an interesting list of languages.  I had heard of B,
but not BCPL and MCPL.  Are there any write-ups, manuals or articles on
those three languages still around?  
I'm currently trying to teach myself C as it relates to the 68HC11
Microcontroller.  I'm using Peter Spasov's book "Microcontroller Technology"
5th edition as the text for my self-teaching efforts.
Forth running on a homebrew 6809 system?  How interesting!  I have
CamelForth v1.0 running on an Altera Cyclone II FPGA chip on a little blue
FPGA Mini-Development board that is installed on a Multicomp PCB that is
based on Grant Searle's Triple CPU Core Multicomp design.  
I'm trying to teach myself Forth as well, but it is slow going.  A friend of
mine, Neal Crook, adapted the VHDL Code a bit as well as adapting CamelForth
to run on the Multicomp board.  
I'd like to find out the details about your homebrew 6809 system.  I'm
working on a Kipper SBC that is based on Grant's Simple6809 6 Chip 6809
Computer that I'm in the middle of troubleshooting and any ideas to make
this Kipper SBC better is most appreciated.  
If you'd like further details, let me know and I'll put together some links.
I'm quite sleep at the moment, but when I ran across your email, I had to
respond!  Take care my friend.

Kip Koon
computerdoc at

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> Funny you should mention that.  I just recently wrote a PDP-8 simulator in
MCPL.  (It boots OS/8 as of about a week and a half ago).
> MCPL is a language developed by Martin Richards who originated BCPL (which
inspired Thompson's B which of course Ritchie
> developed into C).  I also spend some time here and there with Forth on a
homebrew 6809 system.
> So the answer is yes, there are definitely people here who enjoy older

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