Classic programming

Brian L. Stuart blstuart at
Fri Aug 7 19:49:34 CDT 2015

On Fri, 8/7/15, Eric Christopherson <echristopherson at> wrote:
> To Brian L. Stuart: What separates MCPL from CPL and BCPL?
> I'm not finding much about it, although it looks like it has the benefit of
> nice pattern matching.

The pattern matching mechanism was, I think, the big thing
he was experimenting with when he created it.  He describes
it as arising from his experience developing BCPL combined
with teaching ML, C, and Prolog.  When writing the simulator,
it felt like there were also elements of similarity to AWK.  I
find I'm quite liking it.
> Ah... text editors are another big interest of mine. That's very cool.
> I should check TECO out some day.

Back when I was an undergrad, my roommates and I were TAs
for the freshman programming course.  We had several students
who accidentally deleted their source file but still had their
listing file.  So one of my roommates wrote a set of TECO macros
that converted the listing file back into the original FORTRAN
source.  Fun stuff.


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