Classic programming

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at
Fri Aug 7 12:25:48 CDT 2015

 >Eric Christopherson wrote:

>Is there a subset of this group for people who like to program in
>languages or language implementations or libraries that are no longer
>in common mainstream use? Or other groups for such a thing?
It may be possible that FORTRAN 77 under RT-11 on a
PDP-11 qualifies as far as you are concerned.  In addition
to the standard library supplied by DEC, I also wrote a
few multi-precision subroutines which handle unsigned
integer values up ti 512-bits and mixed unsigned values
with a 512-bit unsigned integer portion and a fractional
portion of 512-bits.

Quite recently, I have a requirement to square very large
unsigned integers up to one billion bits which will require
additional subroutines.  Implementation will almost certainly
be done under Ersatz-11 with the actual code using x86
instructions within PC memory using a DLL supported
by Ersatz-11 running RT-11.  Even then, it seems doubtful
that the code will be fast enough in a 32-bit environment.

Does this interest you?

Jerome Fine

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