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> Is there a subset of this group for people who like to program in
> languages or language implementations or libraries that are no longer
> in common mainstream use? Or other groups for such a thing?

I do programming in BASIC twice a year for the RetroBattlestations BASIC Week contests. I try to come up with fairly simple but still interesting programs that people can type in on their old computers. I like BASIC because there are so many computers that have BASIC on-board and people don’t need to try to figure out how to get a disk drive or a tape drive connected and working and can turn on their machine and try out the program.

I usually end up porting the program myself to sevarl different platforms to give less experienced people something to type in and also give more experienced people several versions to compare to when they try to port to their favorite BASIC dialect.

I also did a LOGO Week once. I keep thinking I should do a FORTRAN Week or a HyperCard Week, but haven’t yet.

You can check out all the past BASIC Week contests (as well as lots of other contests) here:

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