VAX4000/300 MNS7.3 isntallation from CDROM

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Fri Aug 7 12:22:46 CDT 2015

On 07/08/15 16:26, Holm Tiffe wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got an VAX4000/300 eqipped with an TK70, 2x RF31, 1xRF71 disks,
> and an CQD-200/TM.
> I've connected an toshiba Xm5701 drive to the SCSI Bus and the machine sses
> it as DUA3. I have a VMS7.3 CDROM and want to install it on one of the
> disks.

I think this has already been answered, but just to flesh things out a 
little more.

The more recent CONDIST CDs (where "recent" means somewhere around V7 or so)
became bootable from  [SYS1] (albeit only into S/A BACKUP, iirc).

So you specify the R5 to specify the "SYSn" from which you boot and the 
device name.

On older systems you might have had to specify everything via registers, 
but I think most
of those systems are so old that they didn't support CDs.

An alternative would be to boot from an InfoServer, in which case the R5 
flags would be different again.

A final possibility is that you can (and should) build SA BACKUP on at 
least one other disk that isn't the system disk.
That way if you lose the system disk you can sawap in a new system disk, 
boot off the disk with SA BACKUP and
restore. This was very useful in the days before InfoServers and CDROMs. 
In this scenario SA BACKUP was usually
built in [SYSE] so your boot flags would be different again.

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