Fwd: ROLM CBX 8000 System Service Manual Vol. 2 Scans Released!

Sean Caron scaron at umich.edu
Thu Aug 6 17:28:13 CDT 2015

Cross-post from the Collectors Network list that may be of interest to
folks here.

If anyone out there happens to have an old copy of Vol. 1 of the CBX 8000
System Service Manual, or might know an old ROLMan (or ROLwoMan) who might
have same, I surely would appreciate the opportunity to digitize it!

These are eventually going to be submitted to the Telephone Collectors
International Library but it's certainly okay to take a copy for Bitsavers
as well, if so desired.



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Subject: ROLM CBX 8000 System Service Manual Vol. 2 Scans Released!
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Hi all,

I finally got around to digitizing the copy of the second volume of the
ROLM CBX 8000 System Service Manual that I had received courtesy of Dennis

I've got the scans sitting on my personal site for now until I figure out
the process for getting them submitted to the TCI Library. Everyone is
welcome to peruse:


Please note that Comcast has been kind of dodgy at my place recently, so
the quality of the connection may fade in and out a little bit.

As this document is very large (perhaps around 1,000 pages) the scans were
done mostly by machine. I dumped a chapter at a time into a Konica Bizhub
300 series MFP and scanned in double-sided mode at 300 DPI. I've cursorily
reviewed them and it looks like the Bizhub did a pretty nice job of
scanning ... there's a little bit of white space due to not all pages being
double sided, and due to the fold-outs, but all the information is there!

Thanks so much, Dennis, for loaning the manual to me and I'm sorry it took
me so long to get to it. I'll try to have the original back in the mail
heading your way within the week.

Let's hope this will stir someone to dig up an old Vol. 1 on which I can do
the same :O



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