Front Panel Update

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Mon Aug 3 06:23:56 CDT 2015

Hi Guys
               The drawings for  pdp8/e (A),  pdp8/e (B),  pdp8/f and 
pdp8/m have now gone to the silkscreeners for checking and costing.
I'll let you all know when they are available. Those who chose to prepay 
but to wait for the version they needed will go out first.

One issue I need to clear up. Are PDP-8/i and pdp-8/l  thats (i) and 
(l)  the same due to font ambiguity or different?

For the 8/e pair I had a scan (ie done with a scanner) to work with.  
The /f and /m look fine but I'm very fussy about being spot on.
Photos help but the sphereical abberation due to a round lens trying to 
photograph a square object  is a problem.

This together  with the fact that photos are never taken at right angles 
to and  lined up with the centre of the panel  make it difficult to be 
absolutely shure

Is there anybody there that has an /f or /m  panel and a big enough 
Or else I'd be happy to do a new for old on a scrap  /f /m  panel that 
is still readable

Rod Smallwood

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