This Hobby Is Actually Useful!

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I still use a bunch of lead solder I purchased to fix the RAM on a C64 back 
in the late 1980's plus you can still get it from China on ebay super cheap.

Just this week I fixed an Apple Ibook G3-500 that had the connector for the 
trackpad/mouse come off the board from bad lead free soldering at the 
factory (what a pain stripping the whole unit to get the motherboard out). 
You can get all kinds of fixable and useful equipment cheap because of bad 
solder joints these days if you like to fix things.

The Chinese knock-off soldering equipment isn't too bad for the hobbyist. I 
just snagged a desolding gun with vacuum pump for $100ish a few months back 
and it works very well.

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I did consider using leaded solder. I used lead-free because it is a more 
modern piece of equipment probably made with lead-free solder, but that was 
probably misguided. I made the repair anyway, but next time I will try using 



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