This Hobby Is Actually Useful!

Robert Jarratt robert.jarratt at
Sat Aug 1 16:24:11 CDT 2015

Today I was able to repair the LCD monitor (admittedly a cheap one) on my
son's computer by replacing some of the electrolytic capacitors.


Had I not got into collecting and restoring (sometimes) old DEC machines, I
would not have had the ESR meter, the de-soldering and soldering equipment,
suitable capacitors and sufficient knowledge (generously provided by many on
this list) to do the job.


Of course, compared to the things that many people on this list do, it is
hardly a major achievement. But this hobby has now saved me from throwing
away an old monitor and having to buy a new one. I suppose I now have at
least some justification in the eyes of She Who Must Be Obeyed for
continuing with this hobby J






PS A related question. I struggled somewhat with the Weller Magnastat No. 8
tip, when trying to solder leads to the ground plane, I could not get the
solder to stay molten very long. I was using lead-free solder, its melting
point is much lower than the temperature which a No. 8 tip reaches. The iron
is 50W. Clearly the ground plane was taking heat away, but is it a problem
with the tip not being hot enough, the iron not powerful enough, or perhaps
some operator error?

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