RM 380Z Special Control Unit (?)

Jay jaeger cube1 at charter.net
Sat Aug 1 09:57:33 CDT 2015

SOME of the later S100 systems had regulated supplies and then ditched the board regulators, usually leaving a place to put a regulator with just a jumper wire in place of the regulator.

tony duell <ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk> wrote:

>> >
>> > ... Which also may well not be RML original. The 380Z has a regulated PSU,
>> > S100 has separate regulators on each board and an unregulated PSU.
>> Indeed, although I do recall a heatsink mounted externally on the back of
>> the chassis (where the fan would be on the later hardware) with the early
>> machines - I just don't know details of the internal PSU.
>I was going to say that that heatsink didn't look original,  but fortunately I
>kept my mouth shut and didn't insert my foot :-)
>I've only seen the later black 380Z's with built-in 5.25" drives, first at school 
>and now the one I own. On those the PSU is entirely internal, it's a little 
>chassis that fits round the mains transformer and carries a PCB of 
>recctifiers, regulators, etc. For some odd reason the schematic of that is not
>in the manual, I guess I should draw it out sometime. It's not complicated.
>Thinking about it, I do wonder what that heatsink/regulator is doing in an S100
>system. Most likely it is the original RML supply and somebody has connected
>to the unregulated inputs to its regulators

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