Where's a good place to list stuff?

Mike Stein mhs.stein at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 12:05:25 CDT 2015

> The model number appears to be just an RS-232 
> interface pod...

Duh again! It's a 4951B.

The pod with that number sits on top (in front ?) 
of the unit so at a fast glance that was the 
number I saw; to see the number of the unit you 
have to remove the pod and flip out the keyboard.

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> I realize that this list isn't really for 
> listing items for sale or giving stuff away so
> I hope you'll excuse this, but other than eBay 
> and the VCF forum &
> marketplace, where's a good place to list items 
> like the ones below to see if
> there's any interest?
> Sharp PC-5000 bubble memory portable w/printer
> HP 45711B Portable Plus, c/w 2 x 9114 HPIL Disk 
> drives and a 2225B printer.
> HP 18179A protocol analyzer
> HP sheet plotter (IEEE/GPIB); (can't get at it 
> to look up the number right now)
>  and the piece de resistance:
> An HP fetal monitor (without probes) for the 
> budding pediatrician among you.
> m

I have always fancied getting a protocol analyser, 
so I tried to find some information on the one you 
mention. The model number appears to be just an 
RS-232 interface pod, rather than a complete 
analyser, so I am not sure exactly what you have 
there. I have been trying to find a spec or a 
manual so that I know the capabilities, but have 
failed so far.

Anyway, I suspect you are in the USA so it would 
probably be too expensive to ship it to me in the 
UK, unless you know of some cheap-ish shipping 



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