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Sun Apr 26 19:22:33 CDT 2015

On 4/26/2015 7:19 PM, Jules Richardson 
> On 04/26/2015 06:42 PM, js at 
> wrote:
>> However, I *do* admit to implying in 
>> my response that I'm of the opinion
>> that *sometimes* people come running 
>> to the list here the instant any
>> slight snag is encountered, without 
>> really exercising due diligence, when
>> they might take on the challenge a 
>> bit more before doing so, thus have all
>> the more satisfaction from arriving 
>> at the solution.
> Aha, but I wonder if there's not a 
> flipside to that, in that sometimes 
> the discussion around tracing a fault 
> is part of the fun - in some cases 
> perhaps more so than the owner being 
> shut away on their own and working 
> through a problem by themselves.
> Plus of course the list isn't nearly 
> as active as it was a decade ago, so 
> it's nice to have something for us 
> bystanders to read ;-)
> cheers
> Jules

Ok, I can buy that argument.

- J.

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