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Fri Apr 24 15:26:18 CDT 2015

  I'm with Microfilm Services, Inc in Wichita, Ks.  We've been in business nearly 50 years, and have
to do some serious house cleaning.  We are a microfilm service bureau and laser printing shop.
These industries have long relied on what is now old equipment.  Our cameras were fed by PDP11/34's
with data coming in on 9T tape.  Our laser printers were fed by 9T tape and Bus & Tag online interface.
  At this time, we have the following equipment for sale. You good folks get the first crack at it.
 Anything unsold as of Friday, May 1, 2015 will go on ebay. Anything unsold after that will go to
the recyclers.  Make offer on any/all, buyer arranges freight for large items, pay shipping on
smaller items, from Wichita, Ks.

Laser Magnetic tape drives, 6250bpi, one available.
StorageTek 2920 tape drives, 6250bpi, two available.
3480 cartridge drive.
All of these are Pertec interface (2x50 pin).

Exabyte 8000 external DAT tape drive, SCSI interface.
Tandberg 1.2GB QIC tape drives, internal, SCSI interface, several available.

Micropolis 1355 (ESDI, 151MB, 5.25", full height) - Several on hand
Imprimis 94155-67 Wren-II (ST506/412, 56MB, 5.25" full height) - At least 4 on hand, possibly more
Other assorted ESDI hard disks.

Bus & Tag cables - multiple pairs available
Bus & Tag terminators - lots.
Barr Systems Bus & Tag ISA interface for PC, with D-sub to Bus & Tag cable.  I have several of these
cards, and two different host computers.  One ran Windows NT Server 4.0, the other ran MSDOS.  No
idea if either host computer still functions.

EPROM's - 27c128, 16k x 8, 12.75v programming voltage.  I have 9 of these sitting next to me, and
should have at least another 20-30.

DEC DCJ11-AE 11/70-on-a-chip - I have several of these chips available, all believed to be
functional.  They came from Xerox 4090 printer controllers, which use a customized backplane.  I
have an entire 4090 controller available, working, as well as assorted cards.

DEC h771-a power supply.  I think these are for an RX01 drive? Two available.  Never seen them in my
time here, so assume the worst re: function.

DEC h7834 (LA-34) power supply. One available.

Astec power supply - 4 rails, 5v @ 3A, 12v @ 3A, 12v @ 20A, 5v @ 150A (not a typo). 220v input.
These fed the modified Massbus card cages in the 4050 and 4090 print controllers. Four available.

Link Technologies MC5 terminals, rebadged by Xerox, 220v.  These appear to be locked into ADM3A
emulation for use on Xerox printer controllers.

Sun Microsystems power controllers, with line cables, have 3. (E-M Solutions Model 10, 250VAC)
Sun Microsystems rack, one available.
System Industries rack, one available.
Bell & Howell CM-3700 COM recorder
Comstor COM recorders, 2 available
Canon Canofile 16mm microfilm cameras, with heads.
Minolta DAR automatic 16mm microfilm camera
Complete Xerox 4090 laser printer with online (bus & tag) interface, 9T tape drive.
Complete, operational Xerox 4635 with Sun x86 controller.
Misc solid state relays, mechanical relays, contactors, motors (12vdc, 20vdc, 24vdc), power supplies.

 I'm open to offers on any/all, we just need it gone.  Photos available.  Equipment is available for
inspection by appointment.  We can accept paypal (including credit cards via paypal), company check,
money order, cash (in person only).  Local sales and pickups are subject to sales tax.

  Thank you for any interest!
   Microfilm Services, Inc.

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