Looking for Sun 68k machines, from time to time...

Joerg M. Sigle joerg.sigle at jsigle.com
Tue Apr 14 19:23:48 CDT 2015

Dear list

It may sound odd (maybe less to you than to other people...) - but from
time to time I get sad that I don't have any Sun 3 around here (and no
DECstation either). I guess it's an attempt to preserve some of the past
by preserving things that belonged to it.

So, I was just wondering whether you might know anyone who would like to
part with one of these. Preferrably in Europe, so that shipment would
not be prohibitive - and preferrably something like a 3/80 or 3/60 with
keyboard and mouse, trading of speed vs. occupied space.

But actually, first of all I'm interested whether there are any of these
still around in my region at all.

Thanks a lot for any reply of yours in advance! And kind regards!


Have a lovely day...

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