VAX-11/750 power supplies

tony duell ard at
Wed Apr 8 11:46:30 CDT 2015

> However looking in the print set the diode is listed as 1114197-00 with the
> Is the Unitrode USD5096F a 60 Amp diode? This link tells me it is a 35A
> diode:
> and so does this link:
> /271653646843?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f3fd1b1fb

It's possible (although unlikely) that DEC selected diodes that could stand 60A for this location from what were
nominally 35A parts. More likely, I think, is that what is _needed_ here is a 35A diode (what is the output current 
of this PSU) and that the originially specified part was a 60A one (which is clearly be OK). Then somebody found
a 35A part that would work.

Of course you can always fit a higher current diode than is strictly required (provide the switching times are
fast enough in a circuit like this). My guess is that since diodes have improved since the days of the 11/750,
you could fit modern 60A shottky diodes without problems.


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