HP 2640B badge?

Ian S. King isking at uw.edu
Tue Apr 7 19:02:05 CDT 2015

Hi all,

I recently picked up an HP 2640B (thanks, Josh!) and I'm restoring it.  The
keyboard cable was cut - but the mainframe end was thrown away - but I
found a printer cable that uses the same connector, and I don't have a
printer adapter for it.  It has bad screen mold, but I have A Plan - I'm
going to try soaking the face of the CRT face-down in acetone, to see if it
will dissolve/loosen the offending adhesive.

It's also missing the badge plate: that part behind the keyboard and below
the screen that has the HP logo and the terminal name.  Is there a chance
anyone out there has a parts-beast 2640B and would part with that badge
plate?  In the alternative, maybe take some really good photos so I can
have one of my friends with a 3D printer make the badge bits, which I can
fasten to something Close Enough for Folk Music?

I plan to hook this up to my HP-1000 - I also picked up a HP-IB cable so I
can connect the -1000 to a (real) floppy or (emulated) hard disk.  Fun
stuff!  -- Ian

PS: I'll be at VCF/e next week.

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