Wanted: ASM-48 for Intellec MDS-2

Dave Mabry dmabry at mich.com
Thu Apr 2 16:03:51 CDT 2015

Jay West wrote on 4/2/2015 10:15 AM:
> I have an Intellec MDS system, but I'm not sure exactly which model. Googling seems to just confuse me as to what models there where and which one I have :)
> Perhaps someone can give a run down of what the different models were? I've very often seen ostensibly the same box referred to as several different model numbers.
> There was someone on the list at one point that was very much in to the MDS boxes... Mabry perhaps?
> J


I sold you an Intel MDS Series II probably about 15 years ago.  If 
that's the one you are talking about, it is either a model 220 or 225 
(the 220 is 8080-based and the 225 is 8085-based).

Have you fired it up?


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