SC-40: Info?

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Thu Apr 2 13:16:27 CDT 2015

From: Cory Smelosky
Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2015 9:00 AM

> Anyone here exceptionally familiar with the SC-40?  I've completed
> imaging the drive (just microcode and diags, someone want to finish
> reversing it for use in klh10?) and doing the inspection (actually
> finished weeks ago but got busy)

> Now, I have a tape drive working and attached to it via SCSI...however
> now I'm lacking info on how to actually do a tape bootstrap. ;)

Hey, Cory,

Reaching back to 1986/1987, as we got the Stanford TOPS-20 monitor[1]
running on our SC-30M, I think I remember that Mike and Stewart used
the KS-10 model rather than the KL-10 model.  There was an 8080A (vel
sim.) in the box that provided initialization services, which ran

Try looking at the KS-10 Installation Guide for TOPS-20 (or the
Monitor Installation Guide for Tops-10) for inspiration.  That's about
all I can tell you looking back 3 decades.


[1] ancestral to the Panda distribution for klh10

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