Manual sought - Northern Telecom Spectron D101

Jay West jwest at
Thu Apr 2 07:38:28 CDT 2015

I had written

 I’m in need of an owner’s manual (and ideally, a service manual as
well would be nice) for  a Northern Telecom Spectron D101. This is an RS232
serial datascope, basically a line monitor with some programmability
(displays in binary, hex, ascii, or octal; start tracking on certain
characters; substitute X string for Y string; etc.).

I’ve googled excessively with no results, and also reached out to AEK. Any
chance someone has one in their pile?

FYI, after posting the above I did yet another round of google searches and
this time a manual popped up as the very first search result. Odd. Manual
purchased, and I'll copy and send off to Al if he wants it for bitsavers.


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