Nemo Nusquam cym224 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 10:21:11 CST 2021

On 01/14/21 23:35, Mark Linimon via cctalk wrote (in part):
> When I was living outside Dallas around 1988 or so, I knew a woman who
> had a job-for-life with an insurance company that ran their whole 
> company on APL. Of course by that time she was sick of working on the 
> same thing all the time, but they could not afford to let her go -- no 
> one else could do any maintance to it.

In 1999, a fellow student in a UML course worked for a large information 
company (Reuters, I think?) and told me that they had embarked on an 
expensive s/w conversion project.  Their back-end systems were 
implemented in APL and they could not find programmers -- even ones 
willing to learn APL for pay.


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