Microsoft open sources GWBASIC

steven at steven at
Sat May 23 19:09:48 CDT 2020

Peter said
> Uncle Clive had been making dubiously-cheap electronics using equal measures of
> ingenious design and cutting one corner too many since the 1970s, so he was
> well-placed to clean up in the more tight-fisted end of the UK computer market.

He'd been doing that since the 1960's with classy-looking miniature amplifiers and
impossibly small pocket radios. I remember as a young kid drooling over the Sinclair
Micro-6 advertised in the late 60s UK 'Practical Electronics' magazines my dad collected.
I had absolutely no idea how much "59/6" was, in Australian dollars, but I was sure it
was way more than all the pocket money savings I had. And how would I go about ordering
something from the other side of the world, even if I could afford it.


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