(V)HDL Toolsets

Jon Elson elson at pico-systems.com
Thu May 21 11:07:14 CDT 2020

On 05/20/2020 09:22 PM, Jay Jaeger via cctalk wrote:
> As I wrote in my last post, but write here for use as a separate thread:
> I'd be interesting in hearing from folks what toolsets they have used
> for HDL (VHDL in particular).  I started with Xilinx ISE and then
> graduated to Vivado for later chipsets - unfortunately, Vivado seems to
> be something of a dog, in terms of time to compile HDL and synthesize logic.
Well, I don't use the latest, super fast FPGAs, I go for old 
standards that are cheap.
Right now, I have ise 13.4 installed on Linux, it seems to 
be stable, quite fast for the small FPGAs
I do, and doesn't complain about my coding style.  I use 
mostly Spartan 3 in the
XC3S50A(N)  sizes.  I've done some units with 32-bit 
counters running at 150 MHz with plenty
of margin left, that's fast enough for me.  I only use VHDL, 
although I can read Verilog.
(I also use Coolrunner II and XC9500XL devices in some of my 


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