LK201 emulation

Paul Koning paulkoning at
Tue May 19 08:13:08 CDT 2020

> On May 19, 2020, at 12:49 AM, Lars Brinkhoff <lars at> wrote:
> Sophie Haskins wrote:
>> A long term dream of mine is to build some sort of general-purpose box
>> that can make connections to arbitrary vintage computer
>> keyboard/mouse/video ports, and connect in to modern HDMI & USB
>> peripherals to make it easier to just pull a machine off the shelf and
>> get going.
> I'm kind of moving in this direction a tiny bit.  I have a set of
> software emulators that I install on Raspberry Pis.  My idea is that
> they should boot straight into the emulator and connect to a host
> computer over the network.

My first LK201 emulation was on a BeagleBone Black.  That works fine with limitations.  The Linux keyboard device driver imposes its own set of machinery between the actual keyboard and the program (even in "raw" mode), for example doing autorepeat.  I'll make that code available too for anyone who wants it.


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