LK201 emulation

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Mon May 18 15:31:07 CDT 2020

Paul Koning wrote:
>> On May 18, 2020, at 9:09 AM, Peter Coghlan via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
>> ...
>> I also find myself with several flakey LK201s.
>> To be honest, I wouldn't be interested in replacing them with PC keyboards.
>> I'd prefer to get my LK201s back in action.
>> If the issues are in the keyswitches or the flexi-print stuff connecting them
>> to the electronics, it looks like it will be nearly impossible to do anything
>> with them.
> Yes, and that is the case with mine.  I know from years past that those
> switches are vulnerable to contamination.

I fear it may be the same with mine.  Most of mine seem to behave as if keys
are intermittently stuck down but no amount of tapping, shaking etc seems
to help.

>> However, if it turns out that the issues are in the electronics part of the
>> keyboard and they are not easily repairable for one reason or another, I may
>> be interested in a drop in replacement for the original electronics.
> Since that wasn't my scenario I haven't tried to do that.  It seems easy
> enough.  The main issue is that you need a controller with enough I/O lines
> to run the scan.  A BeagleBone would be ample; an Arduino might not be.

Fair enough.  Sorry for the digression.

Peter Coghlan.

> 	paul

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