PDF of FANUC TAPE READER A860-0056-T020 Manual Wtd.

Jon Elson elson at pico-systems.com
Wed May 13 12:08:15 CDT 2020

On 05/12/2020 10:36 PM, Bill Degnan via cctech wrote:
> Following up on the results of my searching around.  The FANUC A860 reader
> with A20B controller (the normal set up) has a 50 pin output port.  There
> is a device one can buy that receives the signal from the FANUC's 50-pin
> port and converts to into 25-pin RS232.  The device is called a behind the
> tape reader or BTR.  There are models of BTR made for FANUC.  I found the
> Memex MX1000 and MX1100, Sanyo RLC174 and DOSTEK 440A.  I am sure there are
> more.
20+ years ago, I resurrected an Allen-Bradley 7320 CNC 
controller. I didn't want to deal with paper tapes, and had 
to modify the program a bit, anyway, and had no punch.  So, 
I built my own BTR. The interface on this one was a 12 V 
logic standard, but quite simple.  8 data bits and a strobe 
came out, and there was an input to advance to the next 
character.  (These old CNC controls had bi-directional 
readers, and the control could move forward and backwards on 
the tape.  But, I didn't need the reverse feature.)

It was a pretty simple thing to set up and connect through 
the computer's parallel port.


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