DS20E power supply question

Robert Armstrong bob at jfcl.com
Tue May 12 19:12:24 CDT 2020

  I have a DS20E Alpha machine.  It's pretty fully configured, with two 666
MHz CPUs, 4GB RAM and 4x10K SCSI drives.  In other words, it's a real power
hog.  It has three power supply modules installed, and if I understand the
configuration rules then at least two should be required to run the machine
and the third is a hot spare.

  But, when do SHOW POWER at the SRM prompt, I get

P00>show power

Power Supply 0		 * BAD *
Power Supply 1		not present
Power Supply 2		not present
System Fan 0			good
System Fan 1			 * BAD *
CPU Fans			good
Temperature			good

  What?  If I believe that then I have no functioning power supplies
installed?!?  At this point I should mention that the machine boots VMS and
runs just fine.  

  Obviously something is not telling me the truth.  Does anybody know what
would cause this?  BTW, what do the red LEDs on the front of the power
supply modules mean?  Is LED ON a good thing (i.e. power OK) or a bad thing
(i.e. fault)?  FWIW, none of the LEDs on my three power supplies is on.  

  Oh, and it's right about System fan #1 - one of the fans is not running.
I don't know if it's seized up, or if it's related to the power supply


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