PDF of FANUC TAPE READER A860-0056-T020 Manual Wtd.

Rick Bensene rickb at bensene.com
Tue May 12 12:59:51 CDT 2020

Bill D. wrote:
> So I thought I'd try my hand at the FANUC TAPE READER A860.  I may need to make a serial cable (?) to connect from
> the internal connector don't know yet.  Or maybe the internal 50-pin port
> from the photos is for the punch.  Don't know yet, thus the need for the
> manual.
Fanuc was in the business of making NC and CNC controls for machining centers.   
I suspect that Fanuc purchased the paper tape reader assembly through an OEM agreement with a peripheral company that specialized in making such devices rather than designing one of their own, though it is possible.

You might very carefully look around the unit to see if there are any signs of identification of the original equipment manufacturer...a company like Facit, Decitek, Friden, Roytron, Digital Equipment, Creed, Teletype, etc.
If you can find out the original manufacturer, it might be easier to find data on the tape reader.


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