Facit N4000 Schematic

Stefan Skoglund stefan.skoglund at agj.net
Sat May 9 07:06:57 CDT 2020

tor 2020-04-30 klockan 13:49 +0100 skrev Tony Duell via cctalk:
> From time to time there are posts here about the Facit N4000 paper
> tape punch/reader unit. The one that looks like a Facit 4070 with a
> tape reader on the front (in fact the punch mechanism is much the
> same
> as that in the 4070).
> I have reverse-engineered mine and traced out the schematics. Of
> course it's one of my hand-drawn ones but I think it's mostly
> legible.
> If anyone wants it I am happy to send out a copy (but as ever I'd
> rather send it out once and have somebody else pass it on)
> -tony

When was your punch made in Åtvidaberg ?

According to Tekniska museet (museum of technology) Stockholm, they
were made between 1968 to 1999.

About 145000 done in total.

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