Mark Matlock mark at
Mon Mar 30 14:21:17 CDT 2020

   The APL-11 files on DECUS RSX85A are not a complete distribution but a modified version that was intended to run under I/D on M+.

    I have the APL-11 V2.1 source files on a RL02 disk image. I will make it available at

    Once you mount the disk image with Simh, the are two ready to run task images that will run under RSX11M or M+
In [201,200]APL6OK.TSK and APL7OK.TSK that are the REAL*4 and REAL*8 versions of APL-11. On the disk are the
Original .MAC sources as well as files from a RSX SIG tape that modified APL-11 for I/D under RSX11M+ that increased
The workspace (.BXWA from ~30000 to ~60000 bytes). It also contains a character set for Vt220 for the APL character set.

   When you install the APL task experiment with the /INC to maximize the available workspace, On my system, I can
INS APL6.TSK/INC=37000 to max the workspace for the single precision version.

   Also, the scanned APL-11 reference manual can be downloaded at
 and the APL11 installation guide at

   The RSX SIG files that have the info to change APL-11 to an I/D RSX11M+ task from RSX85A are also at [370,360] on the RL02 disk. I remember having this work back in the mid-1980s but I have not been able to get it to work today. If I link it with ODT it seems to blow up when the first overlay is loaded. If anyone could help with that I’d really appreciate it!


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