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Sun Mar 29 12:41:30 CDT 2020

> On 29 Mar 2020, at 11:27, Antonio Carlini via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
> The following four monitors are available free for pickup in the UK (OX17 postcode).
> All appear clean but are untested. All are believed to have been functional when stored but that was ~2002/2003-ish.
> Microvitec Cub. Seems to be in its original box.

Ah dammit, I wish I’d known you had that when you came up to relieve me of some tape stuff I’d rescued from work

I too have some honking great monitors to give away, including my main VRT19 that was my DECstation then Alpha 3000 monitor at work back in the 90s. I’m surprised at how brown it’s gone.

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