HPE OpenVMS Hobbyist license program is closing

Al Kossow aek at bitsavers.org
Wed Mar 11 20:11:10 CDT 2020

On 3/11/20 5:38 PM, Frank McConnell wrote:

> That was well done.  I just wish y'all had got FOCUS 9000 included in that.
> Earlier than 68K and maybe HP didn’t have the bits any more but I think
> some folks have some bits.

It was all just luck and timing. The building that 1000 development was
literally about to be torn down, and the guy who was turning out the
lights didn't want to see it all die. He was also in touch with the
people shutting down 9000/Apollo support and we got the agreements
pulled together roughly the same time with the help of Anna Mancini,
who has since retired.

3000 was messy, they were in the same situation, but they wanted MPE/ix
released, but couldn't get it to go. We tried to make classic happen but
the two got intertwingled with the lawyers so it died.

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