Prime documentation

Dennis Boone drb at
Wed Mar 11 16:03:01 CDT 2020

 > That might have worked.  There were some prompt differences in the next
 > section compared to the install guide:

 > Partition CMDDEV     created successfully.

Yup, looks good.

Background: there were some changes from rev to rev of the options to
MAKE.  E.g. some abbreviations changed or appeared.  I seem to have
stuff in the howto that only works for Rev. 23 or later.

 > Are any changes needed to the make options in the following section
 > to create the paging space?  Your online guide has:

 >     -disk -split -part -dt -new -ac -badlev -nin -nfl -sec

These are the essential ones:

    -disk -split -part -dt -badlev

Some of the others have less-abbreviated forms that would work, but are
not critical.

Note that at the "Enter command line options:" prompt, you can say
"-help" to see the syntax summary.


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