[EXTERNAL] IMSAI PCS 80 30 ROM (original)

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Tue Mar 10 12:05:41 CDT 2020

Bill -  I don't have an IMSAI PCS 80.  But perhaps you would find something close in either a VDP-40  (never turned it on, 5.25" floppies) or a VDP-80.  My VDP-80 got smashed in transit, but the ROMS could still be gone.  Let me know if you want be to dig around

Bob Roswell
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Hi - I am looking for an IMSAI PCS 80-30 ROM image made for with the Tarbell 1011 controller and Persci 277..anyone have this?  I received a system and drive but I think the ROM was replaced and since then I was told the system would no longer boot.

In the meantime I am going to find a drive and controller that is compatible.

Or, ug, have to try to edit the ROM I have (version 1.1) to operate with this hardware.  I would not having a copy of ROM 1.0 at least to start from scratch with.


Bill Degnan

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