soviet resistor identification help and maybe lamps?

Brent Hilpert bhilpert at
Sun Mar 8 04:35:50 CDT 2020

On 2020-Mar-07, at 11:35 PM, Adrian Stoness wrote:
> yea i do but its not giving me anything thats making sens the value jumps all over the place. on the ones ive tried 

If the Rs are high value, set the MM to the 2Mohm range and make sure your fingers are not touching the metal circuit elements / test probes.
At high-R you and your fingers will be a conductive path and the R will vary with your finger pressure and give erratic readings.

> lamps not sure how u tell what they are no marking on them rather tiny

Incandescent lamps have two riser wires that diverge at the top with a filament inbetween them, neon lamps of that size usually have two thick parallel 'posts' inside them.

On 2020-Mar-08, at 12:20 AM, Adrian Stoness via cctalk wrote:
> as for the lamps if i wanted to test them one at a time would i just give
> them 12V directly? or would it be lower dont have a variable power supply
> atm just an old pc one

No 5V on the PS?

12V could be too much or too little. You could try it very briefly, or you could try putting a (say) 100 ohm R in series with the lamp and 12V to limit the current and see if you get any illumination. Ideally, measure the voltage across the 100 ohm R, if the voltage drop is 0, it's a burned out incandescent lamp or they're neon lamps.

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