Printer Transparencies?

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> Here is a strange question. Does anyone happen to know how long unused Laser Printer and Ink Jet transparencies last? Do they go bad, or break down? I have a stack of them, still in the boxes, a lot are unopened. I scavenged them about 10 years ago, when people were getting rid of them.
> I wanted them for a Photography Project, that I’ve never had time to try. At this point, I’d like to know if I’m wasting space storing them.
> Zane

I have printed on some after about 7 years of having an open box.  Never had any problems.  I also have some that were printed maybe 15 years ago that don't seem to have degraded at all.  But that is only from looking at them and what is printed on them.  They are PCB layouts with 10 mil traces which seem to have held up well.  The material seems the same as fresh out of the box.  My guess is they would still be printable.

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