Can't Select a Custom Device in Eagle

Rob Jarratt robert.jarratt at
Sat Mar 7 11:21:17 CST 2020

Never mind, I just realised there was a little "+" sign well away from the
symbol that allowed me to select it. It looks like the symbol is somehow
much bigger that how I have drawn it. I should be able to work it out now.






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Subject: Can't Select a Custom Device in Eagle


I have been using Eagle to reverse engineer a PSU schematic. I decided I
needed to make a custom device in Eagle for the transformer. I have done
this and it seems to be fine, except that when I put the symbol on a
schematic, after I have confirmed its position, I can't select it, so I
can't move it or anything.


I have done some web searches but I can't find anything about this. Anyone
know what the problem might be?


I am using the free version, and I am on version 7.2.0. Looks like later
versions are subscription only and I am reluctant to do that because they
could take away access at any time.





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