VCF PNW 2020: Cancelled

Michael Brutman mbbrutman at
Fri Mar 6 14:23:27 CST 2020

Jim - I agree.  In the grand scheme of things this is not a big deal.  Life
goes on.

On the flip side, this should serve as a reminder for people to sign up and
participate in these events instead of sitting on the fence.  Doing things
in real life can require a lot of effort, and those things often suffer
from a lack of participation.  When something is successful people should
savor it because depending on the "something" there are so many ways for it
to fail.  That's true whether it is a computer meetup (small in the grand
scheme of things), a relative making it out of high school or college, or
somebody accomplishing something.  Failure is all around us celebrate even
the small things that don't fail.  We had two good years and we dodged a
snowstorm by luck.  This year we weren't so lucky.

That's today's motivational message.  Back to drudge work ...

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