VCF PNW 2020: Cancelled

Jim Brain brain at
Fri Mar 6 13:02:50 CST 2020

On 3/6/2020 11:50 AM, Michael Brutman via cctalk wrote:
> It was not a public health order.  Vulcan, Inc. is erring on the side of
> caution and shut the museum down.  I had no input or choice in the manner,
> and regardless of what I think (positive or negative) it is out of my hands.

I hope you can weather the storm without too much personal hurt. As much 
time and effort as you have put into the event and the pride we are have 
for such events, this is not a critical event in the grand scheme of 
things, but I am sure some people will lash out as if it is/was.  Ignore 
them if you can.

> I put an incredible amount of time into this event, and have for the last
> three years.  Right now the mission is to get the word out and try to make
> it easier for the people who have been impacted.  (Plane tickets, travel
> reservations, vacation time, etc.)  I chose to cancel than postpone because
> we really don't know how far this goes.  Perhaps in a few weeks we'll know
> more, but there are other considerations too including other events (not
> necessarily ours) that we don't want to conflict with.

I was a bit surprised that it was not a "postponed until further 
notice", but postponed versus canceled is probably equivalent in the 
short term (people need to deal with plane tickets, unbook hotels, etc. 
in the same way)


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