Mystery 1970 core board

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Wed Mar 4 14:40:29 CST 2020

It is interesting, the way the edge connector is curved. I wish I'd seen this done on more boards. Sometimes I want to use a hammer to assist in inserting cards. My Nicolet has two and sometimes three 80 pin connectors.

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Al Kossow wrote  Re: Mystery 1970 core board:

>found it in this MAC-16 ad

The MAC-16 in this ad looks odd.  The front panel has nothing behind
it...or at least, very little.   I'm not familiar with the MAC-16, but
either the ad has a mock-up of the machine(seems plausible given the
tendencies of marketing), or the front panel is  a real waste of rack
space.   The electronics appear to be in a box below the front panel,
with only a small area of overlap between the electronics chassis and
the front panel, and nothing but air behind it.

Is this the way the system was really put together?

Rick Bensene
The Old Calculator Museum

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