Mystery 1970 core board

Paul Koning paulkoning at
Wed Mar 4 10:25:20 CST 2020

> On Mar 4, 2020, at 10:46 AM, Bob Smith via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
> LEC16 was a copy of the PDP11. Lockheed sold it to BBN. BBN relabeled
> it Pluribus.
> I was part of the DEC engineering team looking at purchasing the LEC,
> as one of the features was the ability to be an Arpanet IMP.
> I was quite familiar with t the Unibus, and noticed the print set was
> very similar to a negative copy of an 11/20 print set.
> I raised this with the boss and legal.  The machine was then referred
> to as the Lockheed SUE.
> //bob

That's interesting.  I remember seeing a SUE at the university, but that was not a PDP-11 clone at all.  For one thing, its claim to fame was that it had user-programmable microcode.


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